My Life

Hey there, my name is Kris Eliuk and I am from the great state of Canada.

I am the founder of Yellowday Energy. It is small company that consists of my CFO (Chief Fun Officer) Mikey and myself. He doesn't do much in terms of machining and stuff, mostly due to the fact he is a dog, but he keeps me happy and healthy.

I believe I am a pretty well rounded individual, and I owe that to my dad and stepdad. Being a child of divorce can hinder some peoples lives, but for me it was just the opposite.

My biological dad, Dale, taught me mechanics and how to cook. We even rebuilt a little 80cc motor bike when I was 10, and then a 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix as my first car. I believe you appreciate the value of something a lot more when you have worked and spent time and effort on it rather than just buying it.

My late stepdad Murray,  taught me sports and music. My main sport was hockey because all my brothers played it; and me being the shortest and skinniest, it would only make sense that I would be a defense man, right?

Murray also shared with me his love for music. I can play 5 instruments, I'd say I'm better at drums than anything else.

Both my sets of parents had their own companies, so I was taught at a young age the value of hard work and that a company with great customer service is a successful one.

I will make sure you are happy with anything you purchase from me. I might be a one man/one dog show, but I will do my best to answer every question you may have.

How I got into EDC world

Oddly enough, it actually started with a car accident. A few years ago in 2016, I was in a pretty bad car accident. I could barely walk and spent the next year doing physio and and chiropractic therapy. About 6 months into my therapy, My best friend Christ was in town for work and came to visit at home.

He brought me this little metal spinner to help me pass the time and relieve my anxiety. I uttered the classic, “I don't get it“, remark that most of us have made at some point. But, after hours of playing with it, I found that this was something I needed in my life.

I spent a ton of time learning about fidget spinners and other EDC items; acquiring them and enjoying hanging out in groups that revolved around them.

After a few months, I decided to make my own, and that's how the Helix -now discontinued- was born.

I woke up at 2 am one morning and drew it out, had it clear as day. And then, about 6 months later, I had a working prototype. Chris and I went on a western north American tour from Grande Prairie Alberta to LA and back. The trip was a little over 11,000 km in 3 weeks. We met some amazing people, and had a blast meeting other makers, trying products and hanging out with fans.

What we make!

Among our designs you'll find the Helix, the OMNI Bar/Tri and the CHUB (a smaller, compact version of the OMNI). 

The Helix was my first design and it is now a discontinued model. We still have a few left but once they are gone, they are gone forever. I really enjoyed making the Helix; so I decided to make a limited run so they become more of a collectors' item.

I also make beads, rings, tops, bottle openers, flash lights and anything I really feel like. These are all for sale on MONDAYS at 6:00PM mountain time on my Facebook group. 

I do a lot of custom work for other groups as well. We have apparel as well. All the art is done by myself, and then I have a friend vector it for me. I might have my hands in too many cookie jars, but I just enjoy doing what I do, and I hope you will as well.

Come check us out!

We have a small Facebook group. I do my best to keep everyone updated as much as I can, and for everyone to share! We also have Instagram, all under the same name. So come check us out, we would love to hear from you.




I would not be where I am today, without the support of my friends and family, and mostly my customers. You all make this possible, so that I can go into my shop every day and dream up new things that I enjoy making.

Please if you have any questions e-mail me or send me a message on facebook.

My name is Kris Eliuk, and I thank you for your support.